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Sterling Silver Snake Band Ring

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Wrap this snake ring around your finger and all positivity and power associated with this reptile will be yours. Despite many assumptions the snake is not a simple of evil or negativity, in fact the opposite is true, and snakes have been used in jewellery for many centuries. You can see bold snake pieces adorning the necks and ears of Roman royalty. e&e have added this sterling silver snake ring for you to add to your collection of silver rings. Due to the affordability of the silver rings from e&e Jewellery, you will be able to buy more than one of these rings and as such you can create a stack of these rings.
Designers from e&e London have created this adjustable snake ring just for you. Wrap this ring around any finger on your hand, you can adjust it to sit on any finger at anywhere along the finger. It is a single stone snake ring, with clear stones used to create the bold head of the snake and finish off the silver ring with a stone in the tail. This is a 925-sterling silver ring comprising of a medium thickness band that curls, lie a snake, around your finger. The handcrafted design of the snake’s face creates a lifelike piece of jewellery.
For this ring and more sterling silver rings, visit the e&e online store. Their impressive collection of sterling silver jewellery comprises of handmade rings, necklaces and rings and you can also visit one of their stores in the UK.