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Sterling Silver Single Stone Snake Ring

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Lovers of snakes need to add this snake ring to their collection. The snake design will wrap so elegantly around your finger. It is an adjustable snake ring which means you can make it larger or smaller, depending on where you want to wear it. The fact that it is adjustable silver snake ring also means that you can wear it anywhere on your finger, allowing you to create stacks of rings. Sterling silver rings are durable rings, silver is scratch resistant will withstand the wear and tear of daily life. If you are growing our collection of silver rings, make sure that you look for the sterling silver mark.
Skilled designers have worked tirelessly on this sterling silver snake ring, they have created the most beautiful sterling silver ring. The ring curls around your finger, with little silver links making up the narrowing body of the snake. The head will sit on the top of your finger and a clear stone has been used to accentuate the head. The tail curls around to the head of the snake, with the tail curling around the finger and overlapping with the head. The end result of this sterling silver ring is a work of art.
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