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Sterling Silver Simple Star Necklace

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Step out for a weekend of fun with this star necklace hanging delicately from your neck. The fun design of the silver necklace is the perfect accessory to your casual outfit. Stars are considered to be a spiritual compass guiding you long your divine path. When used in jewellery it is believed the star will ward off evil and negativity. While this pretty 925 sterling silver necklace will brighten up your look, it will also bring with it positivity and guidance. The silver star necklace will sit so beautifully against your causal t-shirt or blouse, sending its sparkle and shine out into the world as you move through your day.

The chain of this handmade necklace is unique. Jewellers have used two different link designs to create the unique chain that holds the star. Small, long, rectangular links are used for most of the chain while two large, thicker rectangular links are used to hold the star charm in place. Sterling silver has been used in the making of both the chain and the pendant. The star that hangs from the chain has been skilfully made by designers, creating an intricate, gorgeous little star shaped charm that hangs exquisitely from the chain.

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