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Sterling Silver Simple North Star Necklace

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Hang this North Star necklace around your neck and you will never be lost or without direction. Just like the North Star shines brightly in the night sky, so will you shine brightly in everything that you do. The North Star has been guiding sailors and other intrepid travellers to safety for many years. When you need some direction, protection, and guidance, let the silver north star necklace provide it for you. Step outside in style with this silver necklace hanging delicately around your neck and be confident that you are always protected. This silver star necklace works well as a gift for someone feeling lost and in need of guidance.
For a sterling silver North Star necklace in the UK, visit e&e London, their collection is stunning. This handmade necklace is made from 925 sterling silver creating a durable, lasting piece of jewellery. The star pedant is large, bold and when you wear it will shine out into the world. The pendant hangs from a thin, delicate chain, that has been handmade with care and attention to detail. The star design is intricate and beams of light radiate from the centre of the star, creating the characteristic star design. Clear stones are used to add some shimmer and shine to the necklace.
This is only one of the many sterling silver necklaces available in the e&e collection of jewellery. Each necklace, earring and ring from e&e Jewellery has been skilfully made by designers, offering you good quality jewellery at affordable prices.