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Sterling Silver Safety Pin Earrings

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Simple everyday items can be easily turned into gorgeous fashion accessories, like this pair of safety pin earrings. They bring with them a unique charm that will shake up your look and get the attention of everyone in any room you enter. These are hoop earrings with a difference. Our skilled jewellers have used their sill to design a plain, but intricate and gorgeous pair of sterling silver hoops. While the design may be plain and simple, it is not boring and hanging from your ears, they will make a statement. These hoop earrings, like all of the silver jewellery at e&e have been made from 925 sterling silver. From silver hoops to dangly earrings, e&e Jewellery London, UK have it all and more in their eclectic range of handmade jewellery.

Hoop earrings are timeless pieces of jewellery that everyone needs to have in the collection, but pearl jewellery is also always be a good choice when it comes to classical pieces of jewellery. e&e have one of the best ranges of hoop earrings in UK. E&e pride themselves in their selection of silver jewellery that has all made from 925 jewellery by skilled designers who take pride in creating quality pieces of jewellery.