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Sterling Silver Pearl Ear Cuff

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We love pearls and we love pearl ear cuffs. These ear cuff earrings combine these two loves into a fashion accessory that when, clipped onto your ear, will be sheer perfection. The real beauty of the simple ear cuff is that you do not need any additional piercings to be able to wear them. You can easily clip the cuffs onto your ear anywhere along your ear lobe to create an elegant look. A silver pearl ear cuff is the perfect addition to any jewellery collection, it adds both sophistication and class. When you are looking for a new pearl ear cuff, browse the collection of jewellery on e&e.
This is a sterling silver ear cuff that has been made from 925 sterling silver and features tiny freshwater pearls that have been added to the curve of the silver ear cuff. The base of the ear cuff has been handcrafted and molded by skilled jewellers using sterling silver to create a flawless piece of jewellery. Each one of the pearls has been crafted into perfect little round pearls that are used to embellish each ear cuff. The pearls sit securely against the firm, secure sterling silver cuff.
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