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Sterling Silver Lizard Stud Earrings

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These playful barely-there silver studs are the unique piece you were looking to add to your sterling silver stud collection.

Re-birth and regeneration are associated in many cultures with lizards, and these silver stud earrings take a lizard form to add a positive nuance to your silver jewellery box! The curvy shape is crafted from polished 925 sterling silver, and we've taken care to ensure it's also nickel free and therefore hypoallergenic. We will ship these beauties to you alongside a card detailing how to best care for your jewellery, and tucked away in one of e&e's signature cotton pouches from our UK depots!


The cute silver studs and their gracious symbolism is also a thoughtful idea for a loved one, and e&e's packing makes for an elegant gift wrap!