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Sterling Silver Hang Chained Earrings

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Looking for a unique earrings to add to your collection? These stunning silver earrings will definitely do the trick!

The silver earrings combine a polished silver linear silhouette masterfully with a chain detail that falls and unites the ear lobe detail. The delicate chain allows for movement to contradict the curvy silver top part of the jewellery.

These 925 sterling silver earrings are the ideal pick for your upcoming event, or even if you just want to spruce up your ear party! What is more, they are lovingly made with nickel free material, making them hypo-allergenic, for a touch of extra care to those with sensitive skin! Make the Sterling Silver Hang Chained Earrings yours now, and receive them in one of our beloved e&e pouches from our UK depots, which also just happens to be ideal for gifting.