Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Charm Earrings

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: Light
Hypoallergenic / Nickel-free
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Crafted with care to hug the lobe, these sterling silver huggies allow for a Hamsa charm to dangle gracefully.

The Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Charm Earrings have a special meaning for our e&e silver earrings collection. The plam shaped amulet is formed from 925 sterling silver that's shaped to a detailed charm, while the huggie clasp ensures a firm fit on the lobe. The Hamsa Hand is considered a  protective symbol in many cultures, and it re-appears throughout e&e's silver jewellery collection in many interpretations, materials and pieces; our aim is to create charms with a significance to those that wear them, and their loved ones if offered as gifts!

These unique silver earrings are bound to add an interesting spin to your everyday look, or serve as a positive little addition to your night out!