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Sterling Silver Evil Eye Necklace with Mascara

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We love this big, bold evil eye necklace. Even if you are not familiar with the evil eye, you will want this beautifully designed silver necklace in your collection. The evil eye brings abundance and positivity into your life by protecting you from the evil glances of those people who wish you ill-will. The evil eye holds meaning for Christians, Muslims and Jews to name a few religions. Each of these religions brings their own interpretation to the talisman but the overarching meaning is one of positivity and abundance. When you wear a silver evil eye necklace around your neck, you will be protected from bad luck.
The focal point of this sterling silver evil eye necklace is the large eye pendant. It has been delicately made by hand using 925 sterling silver and colored stones. Deep blue stones have been used to outline the eye while light blue stones are used in the centre of the eye. Blue is used because of its association with positive energy and the calming effect it has. White stones also feature prominently in the design of this pendant, resulting in an incredibly stunning piece pendant. A sterling silver chain holds the evil eye pendant; it has also been hand crafted to create a delicate but sturdy necklace.
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