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Sterling Silver Elegant Screw Ring

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Fashionistas the world over understand the importance of having a varied collection of silver rings. The more varied your collection of sterling silver rings, the more choice you have when it comes to creating new and exciting looks. A screw may not seem like the obvious choice for a silver ring, but designers have transformed the simple screw into a stunning sterling silver screw ring that even the trendiest of people have in their jewellery box. Investing in a sterling silver ring or two means you have rings in your collection that, if looked after correctly, will last a lifetime.
This screw ring, from e&e London has been handmade from sterling silver. Jewellers have used the silver to shape a realistic adjustable screw ring that winds delicately around your finger. Adjustable rings are great rings to have because they allow you the freedom to wear the ring on any one of your ten fingers. You can make the ring larger for your bigger fingers and smaller for your thinner ones. Not only can you wear it on any finger, but you can also wear it anywhere up your fingers. This means you can wear the cz screw ring on its own or you can wear it as part of a stack or rings! The possibilities are endless.
Each ring from e&e Jewellery has been made from 925 sterling silver and you can check the collection out online or at one of their stores in the UK. For affordable quality jewellery, e&e is your best choice.