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Sterling Silver Dangly Hoop Earrings

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Silver hoop earrings are stunning pieces of fashion jewellery. Sterling silver hoops have their origins in ancient times and their popularity has not wavered over the years, in fact it has increased. Fashionistas everywhere will have at least one pair of hoop earrings in their collection. The beauty of silver hoops is that they come in a range of different sizes and thickness. Huggies are smaller hoops that, as their name suggests, hug your ear lobes snuggly. The unique design of these dangly hoop earrings, from e&e Jewellery, will make a welcome addition to your collection of hoop earrings. They will also make for the perfect gift for someone in our life who loves jewellery.
Made from 925 sterling silver, these dangly hoops have been masterfully designed by skilled designers who carefully mould sterling silver into creative and unique designs. The base of these silver huggie earrings are a thick band of sterling silver. Hanging elegantly off these silver huggie earrings are little “droplets” of silver. Each little “droplet” is made from hand by the designers and attached to the earring to create a stunning design of earring. The completed piece of jewellery looks like drops of water falling gracefully off the cuff. When you clip on these dangly earrings, the droplets will hang so beautifully from your ears.
Silver dangly hoops are such great pieces of jewellery and these earrings from e&e in the UK are no exception. They have been added to the e&e London collection of handmade jewellery because of their distinctive design.