Sterling Silver Crown Studs

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: Light
Hypoallergenic / Nickel-free
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If you're feeling like royalty then these sterling silver crown studs will do just that. Drawing inspiration from crowns from kings and queens these stud earrings will not only make any outfit look more fashionable but also radiate the energy of royalty. These studs offer a unique pattern that is masterfully made and unlike any other silver earrings in the UK. These silver studs perfectly capture beauty and elegance and are the most cheap studs offered in the United Kingdom. These silver earring studs are made from a high quality 925 sterling silver making them durable and long lasting. These silver earrings studs are not just stylish but are perfect for all occasions. Falling under a large collection of e&es sterling silver studs these studs are on the e&e jewellerys hidden gems and will be a treasured  addition to your collection of jewellery. Made in London these sterling silver earrings studs are nickel free as well as allergy free. E&e offers a range of high quality sterling silver jewellery that outshines all other small silver stud earrings made in the UK .These studs are a must have and will be the perfect thing for anyone looking for something new.