Sterling Silver Cross Opal Necklace

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone : Blue Synthetic Opal
Weight: Light
Hypoallergenic / Nickel-free
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If you are looking for a subtle accessory to add to your outfit then look no further.This opal cross necklace from e&e is the perfect addition to your collection of silver jewellery.While it may seem subtle its beauty and simple design not only radiate a mesmerising energy but can be paired with any outfit.Standing out from other cross necklaces this cross necklace is a great addition to your collection of jewellery.A timeless opal necklace it can be added onto any outfit and can be worn to any occasion.A bewitching simple design that puts other silver necklaces to shame.This sterling silver necklace will catch the eye of any passerby and sure to be a conversation starter.This elegant handmade silver necklace definitely makes up for its simplicity with its enchanting design.For those looking for a subtle look this silver necklace can be found at e&e Jewellery London in the UK.While it may be a common piece of  silver jewellery this handmade piece from the UK is anything but common.This silver necklace is a must for anybody who enjoys simple and subtly designed necklaces and looking to expand their handmade jewellery collection.