Sterling Silver Cobra Snake Stud Earrings

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: Light
Hypoallergenic / Nickel-free
30 days easy returns

Sterling silver cobra snake stud earrings come loaded with symbolism and this pair of silver earrings has been expertly handcrafted. Snakes have a multitude of meaning for many different cultures across the world. To many beliefs it symbolizes creativity, change and new life. Jewellers enjoy creating pieces of jewellery that feature snake designs. The curves of the snake allow designers to play around with different styles to create varied snake studs and earrings. Inspiration for these silver studs was drawn from the powerful cobra, the end result is a pair of amazing cobra earrings. These snake studs may be tiny but they have a dramatic feel to that they will bring to your outfit. These 925 sterling silver earrings will wind up your ears elegantly, creating a subtle but dramatic look. You can wear these handmade studs every day and never tire of them. For more silver studs in the UK, check out the selection available at e&e Jewellery.