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Sterling Silver Bee Ring

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Bees are such fascinating little creatures who help to keep the circle of life turning. Not only do they play an important role in nature but they also feature prominently in the design of jewellery. From rings to earrings to necklaces, you will find the humble little bee in many pieces of jewellery. This bee ring from e&e London is sheer perfection. The sterling silver bee ring will sit delicately on your finger, as if a bee as just landed on you. It is a must have piece of jewellery for any silver ring collection.
The design of this sterling silver ring is flawless. The head, the body and the wings have all been painstakingly designed by hand to create this gorgeous adjustable bee ring. The silver band of the ring is delicate and has been crafted from sterling silver to provide a durable base for the stunning bee to perch on. Little clear stones have been used to add color and elegance to the cz bee ring. When you wear this ring on your finger, you will not need to add another piece of jewellery because it will make a loud enough statement on its own.
Sterling silver rings are ideal rings to add to your jewellery box because they last well, if you look after them and they are resistant to scratches. At e&e Jewellery you will find a range of silver rings to suit every occasion, from simple bands to larger statement pieces, e&e have them all.