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Sterling Silver Basic Huggie Earrings with Flexible Back

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Need to jazz up your wardrobe? Looking for something basic and subtle yet still look elegant and stylish? Then these are just the silver earrings for you. These silver hoop earrings may seem subtle and undaring however, they will spice up any outfit. Offering a flexible back these silver earrings offer a simple to use design while creating a very elegant look. Not only are the sterling silver earrings stylish they will complete any outfit that they are paired with. Falling under a vast range of silver hoops offered by e&e Jewellery London in the UK, these stunning square hoop earrings are a must, adding style in a subtle manner to all and any outfits.

These sterling silver earrings are some of the best in the UK at the moment and will be a great addition to your collection of silver jewellery and unlike other earrings from the UK these sterling silver earrings are stylish yet subtle.  These hoop earrings form part of e&es’ handmade jewellery collection. If you are looking to change things up then these sterling silver earrings from the UK will do just that and more, with their subtle and popping design you can add these to the top of your hoop earrings list.