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Silver Triple Ear Cuff

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Are you all about earrings but you don’t want piercings? Well ear cuffs are just for you!Welcome to view the UK's largest ear cuff collection. 
The Silver Triple Ear Cuff is here and you have so many reasons to fall in love with it!

This ear cuff is a combination of three curvy lines with the perfect symmetric gaps in between them.
You can adjust it easily to every height of your ear you choose, a feature that is especially handy if you are looking for an embellishment to your layered ear look. The conveniently adjustable ear cuff can be easily fitted at any part of your ear with a slight tightening of the silhouette, and its rounded edges on either side ensure you'll barely feel it there throughout your day.

Not to mention, that this earcuff is made of 925 sterling silver, boasting a nickel free and non-allergenic make that will care for your sensitive skin!