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Silver Thin Square Hoop Earrins

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A square symbolizes strength and stability! The elegant pair of Silver Tin Square Hoop Earrings that will make you feel confident wearing it!

A delicate and minimal synthesis composed of a 925 sterling silver square hoop that touches your ear in the most gorgeous way and embraces your face with a sense of austere elegance.
The Silver Square Hoop Earrings are easy to wear and you can wear them from day to night, with a simpler morning look to a fancier one along with your other silver acessories for a statement night-time appearance!

The mesmerizing silver square hoops can also make for a romantic gesture to your loved ones!

As all creations of e&e, the beautiful earrings are handcrafted with romance, enthusiasm and appreciation to detail, using only nickel free and non-allergenic material.