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Silver Rainbow Circle Necklace

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This colourful three-dimensional circular silver jewellery will be ideal for your moody days, to elevate your spirits and bring a happy and bright note to your looks!

The Silver Rainbow Circle Necklace constitutes a beautiful synthesis with evident its geometric tendencies while at the same time it has a spontaneous and cheerful character to it. A combination of a torus covered in dazzling CZ stones coloured in rainbow hues. The circle is also considered to be a symbol of notions of totality, wholeness and original perfection. A timeless and joyful silver necklace that you will never get bored of!

This hypoallergenic and nickel free creation is handcrafted by 925 sterling silver and it will bring luck and positive vibes whenever you wear it!

You will receive your newest sterling silver necklace in one of e&e’s little cure pouches, safe and ready to be worn and enjoyed from our UK depots!