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Silver Large Moon Cresent Ear Cuff

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Elevate your ear cuff collection with this phenomenal moon crescent shaped ear cuff earrings!

So many reasons to fall in love with this silver piece of ear cuff at e&e! A statement silver ear cuff that you won’t be able to get enough of.

The Silver Large Moon Crescent Ear Cuff is a lovely and inspired synthesis of a 925 sterling silver lunar outline that hugs horizontally your earlobe and creates an amazing effect, an illusion that sits alongside the ear.

What's more, you can adjust it with ease, and we've made these beauties nickel free, for a hypoallergenic product that will treat your skin with care.

Treat yourself or your friends, family members and loved ones with this amazing silver jewel that will sit perfectly with any outfit from morning to night. Pair it with one of our Silver Crescent Collection for an even more shining look!