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Silver Double Line Ear Cuff

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An elegant and minimal piece of ear cuff that there is no excuse not to have in your jewellery collection.

The Silver Double Line Ear Cuff resembles to a pair of small silver round hoops placed in the same ear with the perfect gap in between them. Made of 925 sterling silver, this earpiece will take care of your sensitive skin and treat it gently, because of its nickel free and non-allergenic make.

What’s more, the ear cuff has a clasp which is adjustable, so it fits any ear, and you can brainstorm so many ways to wear it according to the style and the vibe that you want to create!

This minimal ear cuff will look amazing paired with a set of long geometric silver earrings and for the best result make your hair pushed to the side for that extra drama look! It is exclusively sale on e&e's online store, not available at any UK or EU locations.