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Silver Dangly Small Circle Chain Earrings

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The Silver Dangly Small Circle Chain Earrings are here and we promise you that you will just adore them!
A modern and elegant piece of drop silver earrings, with evident geometric vibes and a wondrously minimal essence are bound to become a treasured trinket. A beautiful and unique composition of silver jewellery, combing a two-piece long dazzling chain crafted from 925 sterling silver, with a silver straight vertical stick with a ball and a silver circle in turn, on its finish. These incredible silver earrings will be a sure hit to your collection. They are made to enhance your night outfits but don’t hesitate to wear them with a more casual look at day-time!

The polished silver chain earrings have been flawlessly handcrafted by e&e’s design team with great enthusiasm and respect to your sensitive skin, because of their nickel free and hypoallergenic make.