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Ruby and Pearl Flower Bracelet

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The Ruby and Pearl Flower Bracelet has a highly unconventional combination of elements that are bound to enchant you. How can they not, when this blood-red coloured gemstone is considered to be one of the most traditional and well known symbolisms of love, energy passion, power and a zest for life.
Ruby coloured stones with these amazing deep red and pinkish hues are combined in this one of a kind composition with small pearls and a pair of beautifully crafted white flowers along with golden details in the chain and the lobster clasp. The combo of all these unique elements balances out in a fascinating way, to create a stunning pearl bracelet that we are sure you will adore. Suitable for all ages, and all styles, it makes for a great gift idea for a teenage girl, for you or your mother, demonstrating love and affection. An added plus? It's hypoallergenic, as it has been handcrafted with nickel free material.