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Rose Quartz Brooch with Ruby and Emerald Beads

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If it is class and elegance you’re after then e&e has you sorted.Offering a vast and diverse range of silver jewellery e&e has the perfect jewellery collection that will liven up all outfits. Their gold plated pearl brooch has been masterfully designed with immense amounts of care paid towards the tiniest detail.Standing out from other brooches this roman brooch is one e&e's hidden gems and is a must have for those looking to expand their collection of pearl jewellery.This pearl brooch will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit and is completely breathtaking.This pearl brooch is 18ct gold plated and forms part of e&e’s expanding and popular gold plated jewellery collection. This is the perfect piece of jewellery that will put a smile on anyone’s face making this piece of womens jewellery the perfect gift for her. e&e  Jewellery London offers the best quality  brooches in the UK and some of the most uniquely designed gold plated jewellery created in the UK.They also have a popular collection of handmade jewellery and a valuable gemstone brooch that is the crown jewel of their pearl jewellery collection.