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Add a little spark to your outfit by wearing a beautiful silver ring. Silver rings may be small accessories, but they can have so much meaning and sentimentality. A sterling silver ring can also make a remarkable difference to how you look and feel. Each silver ring is handcrafted, and they have been carefully designed and the embellishments on the silver rings have been done very carefully, to ensure the completed ring is beautiful and eye-catching. Gold or Sterling silver materials are used in the production of all our rings, making them durable and long lasting, you will be able to hand these pieces down from generation to generation.

e&e’s sterling silver rings are must-have, classic pieces of jewellery that should be in every jewellery box. They are versatile and can be worn with any outfit and you can mix and match with any other gold or silver jewellery. Rings allow you to add your unique style to your look in a subtle way. From simple silver band to a more statement type ring, complete with a diamond or coloured gemstone, each piece will bring its own unique charm to your look. When given as a gift, a silver ring suddenly becomes so much more meaningful and sentimental.