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Ottoman Coin and Gold Beaded Anklet

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Step out in style with this gorgeous, dainty gold-plated anklet wrapped around your perfectly ankle. The elegant gold-plated chain creates a shiny, classy piece that holds a range of Ottoman coin charms. The little gold coins will dangle around your ankle in style and as you walk, they will tinkle together reminding you that they are there. Whether you are heading out to the beach, to the office or the lunch with friends, then this coin anklet is the must-have fashion jewellery. Ottoman jewellery has its origins dating back centuries and includes some beautiful pieces of ornate jewellery. The ottoman jewellery from e&e jewellery has all been handmade with care, from the chain to the coins, they have all been handcrafted by skilled jewellers to create beautiful quality handmade jewellery at affordable prices. If you are looking for a cheap anklet in UK, e&e has the most extensive collection of gold-plated Ottoman jewellery.