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Olive Branch CZ Sterling Silver Ring

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The e&e silver jewellery collection couldn't be complete without this botanical trinket silver ring! The Olive Branch CZ Sterling Silver Ring is inspired by the concealed power of the olive branch, a symbol of peace and victory in ancient times. 

The dainty 925 sterling silver ring is adorned with cubic zirconia of different shapes and sizes, to create the illusion of an embellished olive branch growing out of the silver ring. The feel of a ring that conjures images of nature at its finest, makes for a sensational little trinket to be added to your sterling silver jewellery collection. We have also created an 18ct gold plated version of the piece, so you can pick the one that you think will match your other pieces best!

The 925 ring is available in four different sizes as well, giving you the opportunity to pick it out as a gift for a loved one too! We will ship this silver ring from our UK depot so you will be receiving it within days.