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A silver necklace is one of those pieces that everyone should have in their jewellery collection. Silver necklaces come as thin dainty chains or as larger, chunkier chains. Both styles have a place in your collection. Dainty, feminine chains are perfect if you want to layer necklaces while chunkier necklaces are great to wear on their own as statement pieces. When building a collection of silver necklaces, start with a few classic pieces that can be worn with range of looks. These classic pieces include pieces of different lengths and different thicknesses.

A sterling silver necklace is one of those heirloom pieces that will stand the test of time. A beautiful necklace for women can make all the difference to your outfit. It can add just the right amount sparkle and shine to your outfit. Necklaces can come with symbolic meaning; the evil eye necklace is one such example. The evil eye pendant, when worn on your silver necklace will protect you from everything negative by reflecting the negativity back to the person given you the evil eye.