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Sterling silver is one of the most versatile and durable metals you will find. This is why growing your collection of sterling silver earrings is always going to be a good investment. At e&e you will find an extensive collection of the most gorgeous silver earrings in UK. e&e London offers huge range of silver earrings for women including stud earringshoop earringsand many more. This means you will find the perfect pair of earrings to wear to work every day as well as earrings you can show off when you need to be seen. The choices really are endless, and you are guaranteed to find the perfect piece in affordable prices. e&e London is the right place to find cheap silver jewellery

Our collection of silver jewellery includes silver stud earrings, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, rings, and ear cuffs. e&e prides itself on its varied collection of cheap jewellery. We know how important it is for you to have access to good quality fashion jewellery. Each pair of earrings in the e&e has been handmade by the most skilled of jewellers to create exquisite pieces of silver jewellery. The designers mould and shape 925 sterling silver to create stunning thin hoop earrings,pretty little stud earrings and bolder handmade earrings featuring different coloured stones. Only the best quality materials are used, so you can rest assured that when you buy earrings from e&e, they will last a lifetime.

Silver studs are classical pieces of jewellery that everyone should already have in their collection of silver jewellery, they are the most versatile of all earrings. The main reason for their popularity is that you are able to wear silver studs to anywhere and with any outfit. Clip on a pair of diamond studs with your favourite little black dress and you will look absolutely amazing. Alternatively add a plain pair of circle studs with your everyday work wear and you are good to go. 

Stud earringsare available in in a range of styles and designs. The most popular and well-known stud earrings that we offer are style is the simple stud earrings, small and good for everyday look.  e&e jewellery designers also like to come up with different and extraordinary stud earring designs so you will find creative designs of studs, like little animals, hearts, or different shapes in e&e silver earrings collection.

You can also wear your stud earrings in a variety of ways to change up your look. For a more minimal look add a pair of plain studs, maybe with a single stone. If you are looking to make a slightly bolder statement, add some ear cuffs up your ears with a pair of studs in your piercings. Studs also come in a variety of sizes; you can find large, bright studs that are perfect when our outfit needs something a little extra. 

Hoop earrings are another classic piece of jewellery that you need to have in your collection. While studs bring sophistication and calm to your outfit, hoops will bring glamour and excitement. e&e offers hoops of all sizes and shapes. From large thin silver hoops that will dangle delicately form your ears to smaller, thicker huggies that hug your ears perfectly. You can add so many different types of hoops to your collection that you will never be looking for a pair of earrings!

Like the stud earrings, all of the hoops from e&e designed in London, UKand have been made from 925 sterling silver to offer you a quality, but affordable, pair of earrings. You will find hoops that are perfect to wear with your everyday clothing, they will frame your face perfectly but will not get in the way while you go about your daily business. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for large hoop earrings that will turn heads when you walk into a room, then you will find those here as well. From plain round hoop earrings to textured, twisted hoops, this collection of earrings ahs them all. 

If you are looking for something a lot more subdued, then a pair of sterling silver huggies will work perfectly. There are plain huggies and ones that have been embellished and designed using different coloured stones and textures, allowing you to find a piece for any mood, outfit, or occasion. 

For a stunning collection of sterling silver earrings, e&e really is the only place to look. Our jewellery is not only affordable but is also made from sterling silver by skilled designers. You will also find one of the best collections of pearl earrings in the UK at e&e.

Whether you are looking for earrings for your own collection or for silver earrings to give as a gift, you will find both here. You can browse their online store, or you can visit any one of their retail outlets in London, UK.