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Lucky Four Sterling Silver Bracelet

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The minimal silhouette and delicate combination of silver and white make for a piece of handmade jewellery you will adore from the first second. 

Ever wanted a lucky charm to add to your sterling silver bracelet collection? This is the pick for you then! 

The Lucky Four Sterling Silver Bracelet is also available as a necklace, and you will find both in rose gold plating and 18ct gold plating, so you can make the choice that is perfectly suited to you and your wardrobe. 

The 925 sterling silver chain holds a white four leaf clover, the leaves of which each symbolise luck, hope, faith and love. Believed to bring luck to its wearer, the four leaf clover is a timeless charm that makes for an exquisite gift to yourselves or loved ones! These unique silver bracelet will be delivered to you in e&e' cute pouches from our UK depots.