Lace Beige Baby Doll Necklace

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Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: Light
Hypoallergenic / Nickel-free
30 days easy returns

A very classy creation that will match perfectly with your chic look!

The Lace Beige Baby Doll Necklace has a one of a kind outfit, is dressed up with a knitted by hand beige skirt with beautiful knitted patterns and a same-colour knitted top resembling a large scarf hugging the doll, to form a front x shape, adorned with three small black beads. The doll’s head is made of a sparkling beige, creamy bead stone. The colour of the babydoll's body, along with the cute detail of the engraved bag that the doll is holding are silver, which matches well with the dazzling silver chain that holds everything together.

This special handmade jewellery is crafted out of nickel free and non-allergenic material, so that you will not have any reason to take it off! The chain also closes with a lobster clasp that you can adjust to the ideal fit for you.

This handmade necklace is a fashionable female jewellery. It looks pleasing and it will surely delight those around you! This kind of jewellery should be combined with your mood rather than the outfit!