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Horseshoe Gold Plated Bracelet

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Inadvertently associated with good fortune and positive energy, the horseshoe is a popular talisman, and one we couldn't resist the urge of incorporating in our gold plated bracelets range.

This ornamental beauty is handcrafted with 18ct gold plated beads sitting beautifully alongside vibrant crystal beads. The hypoallergenic handmade bracelet will fit ideally around your wrist, thanks to its adjustable clasp, while e&e's signature white cubic zirconia will captivate with the first movement of your hand. 

Wear this fearless 18ct gold plated bracelet with pride, in one of seven otherworldly colours! Dark and dramatic red, bright and beautiful green, accommodating and ethereal white, discreet and dainty grey, spectacular and silky light blue, exquisite black and deep, ocean blue all make the colour palette for these wondrous bracelets.

Wear them in bunches or have a unique Horseshoe Gold Plated Bracelet as an emblem of your friendship, to go along with your friend's colourful matching bracelet!