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Heart Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

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Shimmer and shine with these colourful, sparkling heart stud earrings in your ears. Skilled designers have carefully crafted the heart outline of these heart studs from sterling silver. Designers have used colourful, shiny stones to create a stunning border of patterned stones. This specific pair of sterling silver heart studs uses green, blue, pink, and clear stones to result in a bright pair of silver earrings. Stud earrings are stunning fashion accessories because they come in so many different designs that you can have a different pair of silver studs for every day of the week. These heart silver stud earrings are just what you need to add a little bit of life to your outfit. Pop these studs on if you want to be noticed, they might be small, but they are not insignificant and will pull the focus to your face when they are sitting perfectly on either side. You can pair these studs with a pair of jeans or a formal, tailored pants suit, they are that versatile.
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