Handmade Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

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Material: Gold Plated Brass
Plating: 18ct Gold Plated
Gemstones: Freshwater Pearl
Weight: Light
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Intricately designed this handmade pearl bracelet is the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe.This handmade bracelet allows for it to be seamlessly integrated into any outfit and is perfect for any occasion.This beautifully gold plated bracelet is the perfect bracelet gift for any occasion or festivity .Skillfully crafted this bracelet for women is a must have for those who wish to spice up their collection of handmade bracelets.Part of a beautiful collection of pearl bracelets from the UK these hand bracelets should be at the top of everybody's list of beautiful jewellery.These e&e gold plated bracelets outshine all others.Bring a lot of happiness into your life with this pair of gold plated bracelets from e&e Jewellery London, UK.At e&e you will find these 18ct gold plated bracelets as well as a range of pearl jewellery including pearl bracelets in gold. Forming part of a beautiful collection of e$e handmade jewellery these pearl bracelets are a must have.A skillfully designed hand bracelet is an amazing bracelet to have and offers subtlety and completes all and any outfits. This beautifully crafted bracelet is part of a vast range of pearl jewellery.