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Hamsa Hand Gold Plated Necklaces

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The Hamsa Hand Gold Plated Necklaces have a unique little trait to them, that we couldn't help but fall in love with; a delicate but dense chain, that sits on your neckline like a loose choker. Innovative in more ways than one, this 18ct gold plated necklace flaunts bright beads that are scarcely spread out, but come together at the bottom of the hamsa hand necklace to frame an 18ct gold plated, high polished (yes, it's so shiny you'll be amazed!) Hamsa Hand charm. 

Not only does the hand of hamsa necklace have a protective symbol sitting right at the heart of the design, but it's also nickel free. Make it yours in any of the colours available, and we're sure you will be snooping back for more gold plated Ottoman coins soon...