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Green Coral and Shell Flower Brooch

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Offering class and a touch of elegance , there’s no question as to why  brooches are on the rise again.Brooches are the perfect accessory to add  to any outfit to make it look more elegant and graceful. e&e offers a gold plated pearl brooch that is able to seamlessly blend into any outfit while still making it look more classy. Perfect for social occasions this brooch will be a well used and perfect accessory for those looking for something new and classy.This brooch is similar to other roman brooches in that it has a pretty and intricate pattern but differs from other roman brooches as it is gold plated.This beautifully designed pearl brooch is one of e&es shining gems and one of their popular pieces of gold plated jewellery.Being part of their handmade jewellery that is 18ct gold plated this brooch is the perfect accessory for any women looking to liven up her wardrobe and can serve as the perfect gift for her.Being of the best designed brooches in the UK its clear why this piece of gold plated jewellery made in the UK is nearly as popular as their gemstone brooches.