Gold Plated Round Ruby Bracelet

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Material: Gold Plated Brass
Plating: 18ct yellow gold plated
Weight: Light
Hypoallergenic / Nickel-free
30 days easy returns

Plated in gold this ruby bracelet draws inspiration from the original rubies that were traded along the silk road hundreds of years ago. Designed with the intention of perfectly capturing beauty and elegance this ruby puts all other ruby jewellery to shame and embodies the rich history behind rubies. Rubies are well known for being one of the strongest gemstones other than diamond making it the perfect bracelet. It will last you a lifetime and be with you through rough and thin. This bracelet outshines all other ruby bracelets not only in its pattern and design but also in its ability to effortlessly be paired with any outfit. This bracelet will liven up any wardrobe and can be worn to any occasion. It is part of a collection of ruby bracelets that have been plated in gold ensuring that it shines brightly and smoothly. This masterfully designed gold ruby bracelet is a true work of art and is a testament to the beauty and perfection of ruby jewellery. It works as the perfect accessory to any outfit due to its shine and sparkle which not only add flair to outfits but also a touch of subtly and sophistication.