Gold Plated Pearl Star Earrings

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Material: Gold Plated Brass
Plating: 18ct Gold Plated
Gemstones: Freshwater Pearl
Weight: Light
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Designed with the intention of creating something that will sparkle like the stars and be just as beautiful as a clear night sky, e&e has designed the perfect set of pearl earrings that captures just that.Their gold plated pearl star earrings perfectly captures the beauty of the stars and is a completely bewitching set of pearl earrings.It is one of the few high quality and beautifully designed gold plated jewellery pieces currently out there. At an affordable price these cheap pearl earrings should be on everyone’s list for top quality handmade jewellery.These fresh water pearl earrings can go with any outfit and will catch the eye of anyone who sees it.A popular choice of freshwater pearl jewellery these pearl earrings are one of the best pair of 18ct gold plated earrings offered in the UK.Forming of of e&e Jewellery Londons outstanding collection of fresh water pearl jewellery these pearl earrings from London are a must have and will be a valuable addition to anyone’s collection of pearl jewellery.Being of the highest quality , these earrings are 18ct gold plated ensuring that they last a long time.