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Gold Plated Ottoman Coin and Turquoise Anklet

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This gold plated coin anklet flaunts elegant little coin charms that are made from shiny, gold plating to produce an eye-catching piece of handmade jewellery. The 18ct gold plated Ottoman charms are surrounded by little gold-plated beads, highlighting the sparkle and shine of each little coin. The elegant chain is dotted with the coins and dainty turquoise beads that are surrounded on both sides by tiny gold beads. This gold anklet is hypoallergenic and the design is simple enough to make it an everyday piece of jewellery. The gold plated anklet has been expertly crafted with care and attention to detail to create a unique piece of jewellery, that will last for years if you look after it correctly. You could wear this coin anklet on it is own or add a plain anklet for a more layered look. Looking for a coin anklet in UK, e&e Jewellery has an extensive collection of anklets for you.