Gold Plated Necklaces

We offer eye-catching gold-plated necklaces, with each piece being hand-crafted from the finest material. Gold-plated necklaces will add some colour to your collection of necklaces and can be paired with necklaces made from other materials like rose-gold or silver. Adding charms, pendants or beads to your gold-plated necklaces allows you to personalise your gold-plated necklace. A gold-plated necklace is as beautiful as a gold necklace, it is just a little more affordable, making it easier to add gold-plated pieces to your collection.

earls are beautiful little beads to use in the making any piece of jewellery. Pearl necklaces are stunning, elegant pieces and when set against gold-plated jewellery, the pearls shine a little brighter. Looking for a necklace for women, consider a hand made gold-plated necklace with a personalised charm or a customised pendant. You can get gold-plated necklaces in a variety of different lengths, allowing you to layer different lengths to create an elegant, trendy look that you can wear anywhere, any time. Gold-plated jewellery shines as brightly as gold jewellery and can be partnered with gold-plated bracelets or rings to create a beautiful, elegant look.