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Gold Plated Floral Gemstone Brooch

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e&e has designed one of the most perfect brooches ever.Mimicking beauty and perfection their gold plated floral gemstone brooch will be an invaluable piece of handmade jewellery. This brooch has the ability to effortlessly go with any outfit and is perfect for any occasion.Drawing inspiration from the roman brooch this brooch is elegantly designed with the intention of being the perfect piece of art. Completely outshining all other pearl brooches this pearl brooch was designed with a ton of attention paid to the finest detail resulting in a intricate and bewitching design. e&e has a range of gold plated jewellery including a diverse range of pearl jewellery that is 18ct gold plated, which ensures that it is of the highest quality.This brooch serves the perfect accessory for women and works as the ideal gift for her. e&e Jewellery London offers the best brooches in the UK and offers one of the best collection of gold plated jewellery  produced in the UK.E&e also has an extensive  collection of handmade jewellery  including a rare and beautifully designed gemstone brooch that is truly breathtaking and mesmerising.