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Gold Plated Evil Eye and Turquoise Anklet

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Anklets are cheeky fashion accessories that you can add charm to any outfit. Peeking out from under trousers or making a bold statement when paired with your short skirt, a handmade anklet is the often just what your outfit needs. This gold-plated anklet will bring colour and variety to your collection of gold plated jewellery. Turquoise beads have been used to bring some elegance and colour to this anklet. The turquoise beads surround an evil eye pendant on both sides. The evil eye charm is bold and when hanging around your ankle on this turquoise anklet, you will be protected from all things evil and malicious. The gold-plated chain of this ankle has been handmade as have the little turquoise beads that have been used. The evil eye charm has been skilfully crafted to create a bold eye, with blue and black in the middle, drawn attention the power of the evil eye.