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Gold Plated Earrings

Make a statement with a pair, or two, of gold-plated earrings. Gold jewellery is beautiful, but it is not always affordable, especially when you are wanting to build up your collection of gold earrings. Gold-plated jewellery is more affordable but no less impressive. A pair of gold-plated earrings hanging from your ears is as beautiful as a pair of gold earrings and they will make an impressive, bold statement.

The shine on gold-plated earrings is no less sparkly than its gold counterparts, they are just a lot more affordable. Handmade earrings are great pieces to add to your collection because each pair has been hand crafted using quality metals to provide you with unique, personalised pieces of jewellery. Gold plated earrings come in a range of designs and styles. From large, round hoops to small, simple studs to large colourful pieces with coloured gemstones, you will find gold-plated earrings to suit any occasion and any outfit. Plain gold-plated studs or small hoops are perfect to wear with your everyday work wear and earrings set with diamonds or other crystals are perfect for a more formal event.