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Gold Plated Charm Anklet

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Sometimes you need to step outside dressed in style with a charm anklet around your ankle. The gold-plated chain comes in two different widths. The charms are attached to a chain with thinner links while the rest of the handmade anklet is made up of thicker links, creating a stunning gold-plated anklet. A variety of charms are used to create this Boho looking anklet. Little gold coins, coloured stones and gold-plated beads are used to decorate the anklet. They charms will dangle perfectly around your ankle, peeking discreetly out from under your trousers or shining brightly when pair with skirts or shorts. The charms have been expertly handcrafted by jewellers who use only the best metals in their jewellery design. Whether you are heading out for a day at the beach, a fun night at the club or to the office, this charm anklet is the prefect fashion accessory for you.