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Gold Plated Branch and Shell Flower Brooch

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e&e designs their brooches with elegance and perfection in mind and have achieved the most perfect and elegant brooch design in their gold plated branch of pearl brooch.This is an exceptionally well crafted brooch and is unlike other brooches outfit. It is able to be seamlessly blended into other outfits and adds a ton of class and flare. This brooch is similar to the roman broochr and offers an eye catching pattern with a simple and beautiful overall design. This pearl brooch offers a unique take on what brooches are supposed to look like and is one of the best gold plated jewellery pieces that e&e has to offer. e&e has a lot of pearl jewellery that is 18ct gold plated and offers a stylish and sophisticated look to all outfits.Perfect for all occasions this brooch is the perfect accessory for women and serves as the ideal gift for her. e&e Jewellery has the finest quality brooches in the UK that rivals other handmade jewellery pieces such as the popular gemstone brooch. e&e also has a diverse range of gold plated jewellery all produced in the UK.