Gold Plated Beaded Pearl Chain Earrings

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Material: Gold Plated Brass
Plating: 18ct Gold Plated
Gemstones: Freshwater Pearl
Weight: Light
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Designed with perfection and beauty in mind e&e gold plated beaded pearl chain earrings are the closest thing to perfection this world will ever see,not only is it skillfully crafted but it radiates immense amounts of beauty that is bound to catch the attention of any who lays their eyes on it.One of the best pair of gold plated earrings offered by e&e these pearl earrings outshine all other earrings and liven up all outfits.Perfect for any occasion these chain earrings are a must for anyone looking for something new.One of the most perfectly designed earrings these earrings will be a valuable addition to your collection of pearl jewellery.What makes these earrings so perfect is the fact that they use a gold plated chain and not just any gold plated chain but a 18ct gold plated chain. e&e uses 18ct gold plated chains in a large majority of their pearl jewellery as it ensures that they last longer. e&e Jewellery London in the UK makes use of fresh water pearls that make their earrings the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys jewellery as well as handmade jewellery.