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Gemstone Earrings

Gemstones aren’t just pretty coloured stones that come from the earth. These precious stones, that have been used in jewellery for years, add both colour and class to any piece of jewellery, especially earrings. Each gemstone also comes surrounded with meaning and symbolism. Each month has its own gemstone, and everyone needs to have a pair of gemstone earrings using the stone from the month they were born in. Gemstones come in a range of vibrant colours from deep reds to bold, blues and greens. If colour is important to you, then using gemstones in your jewellery pieces is a great way to add that colour. Nothing screams elegance like a pair of diamond stud E&E earrings.

Gemstone earrings have range from simple stud earrings to more ornate drop earrings or even hoops that are studded with gemstones. While making handmade earrings, to use beautiful gemstones to add some colour and opulence is very often. Pearls are little nuggets of beauty that look beautiful when made into pearl earrings, for a more dramatic look you could also use a pair of gemstones and pearls to create a unique look that reflect your personality. Our gemstone earrings are hand crated with care and the gemstones that are used have been ethically sourced.