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Flower with Pearl Branches Brooch

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Have you ever wanted the perfect accessory ? An accessory that radiates class and sophistication ? e&e has the perfect accessory for you . Their pearl brooch flower with pearl branches brooch is one of the best designed brooches in the UK and is very stylish and adds a ton of class to all outfits.This gold plated pearl brooch many advantages over other brooches, not only is it a roman brooch which means it has a intricate design pattern but it is also the best crafted pearl brooch to ever be created in the UK.Adding flare and elegance to all outfits this is a truly beautifully designed piece of gold plated jewellery. e&e Jewellery London has a variety of brooches that are 18 ct gold plated making them the best quality brooches in the UK.One of e&es exceptionally well designed pieces of handmade jewellery this is the perfect accessory for a women and will be the perfect gift for her.Making a comeback this eye catching brooch is one of the best pieces of gold plated jewellery in the UK and is a closer rival to e&es gemstone brooch.