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Flower Kyanite and Pearl Stud Earrings

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If it’s uniqueness you’re after then look no further ,these kyanite earrings are the perfect thing for you . Beautifully designed these earrings bring a new and unique perspective to flower earrings.These flower pearl stud earrings are unlike other earrings and can be worn to any occasion.Part of the few cheap pearl earrings still out there these earrings draw on their uniqueness from their simple design. e&e Jewellery London in the UK offer a range of  freshwater pearl jewellery included in this collection is their famous freshwater pearl earrings which are one of the few top quality earrings in the UK.One of the best pearl earrings in the UK  at the moment this unique piece of freshwater pearl jewellery should be at the top of your list for high quality earrings.These earrings are soon to be a popular choice of pearl earrings in London due to the fact that not only are they a pair of fabulously designed pieces of handmade jewellery but also a pair of highly skilled 18ct gold plated earrings.Among a few pieces of e&es silver jewellery that is 18ct gold plated these earrings are affordable and stylish making them the perfect earrings.